American Hope (1974)

“American Hope” can be described as American ECM. There is the influence of the ECM composers, Weather Report, and the pop style typified by Marvin Gaye and others of the era. American Hope is found on the CD Liberal Arts by the group Elements with Mark Egan, Danny Gottlieb, Bill Evans, and others.

This performance is from Steve Rucker’s senior recital on May 1, 1978, which features Ron on keyboards, Jeff Carswell on bass, Steve Watson on guitar, and Jeff Kirk on saxophone.   The original two track master was located in the University of Miami archives.  A digital transfer was made, some synth additions were provided by Jon Gilutin, and it was mastered with the other tracks.  The recording and mix by Richard Brownstein is remarkable, and has really stood the test of time.  It gives an insight into the music of the Ron Miller group of an earlier era.


Ron Miller: Arp Odyssey, Fender Rhodes

Steve Rucker: drums

Jeff Carswell: bass

Steve Watson: guitar

Jeff Kirk: saxophone

Jon Gilutin: additional synth