Small Feats (1994)

“Small Feats” is a composition that falls into the category of new reharmonization. The composer, needing a vehicle to demonstrate the use of diatonic substitutions for cadences and turnarounds for his Jazz Composition class at the University of Miami, chose the John Coltrane classic, “Giant Steps” which became an inspiration for this song. This tune has been recorded by pianist Mike Orta and is found on his CD, Freedom Tower. It also has been recorded by Hal Galper and Jeff Johnson on a Maybeck Hall duo series and in a trio setting on the CD Fugue State. It was most recently recorded by Barry Ries and Joe Lovano on the CD Solitude, Judi D’s CD Small Feats with Kenny Barron, and of course on the Gary Keller CD Blues For An Old New Age.


Jon Gilutin: keyboards, production

Steve Rucker: drums

Jeff Carswell: bass

Steve Watson: guitar

Dave Fernandez: saxophone

Murph Aucamp: percussion

Brian Potts: pandeiro