The Babes of Cancun (1991)

This tune is meant to portray the lighthearted tone of a “sun and fun” beach holiday, there is a subtle Brazilian influence and shades of Pat Metheny in its melodic construction. Recordings of Babes are found on a CD by Hal Galper’s This is That, which features Jerry Bergonzi and Tim Hagens. It can be performed in a semi-free form as Hal Galper so clearly demonstrates on his recording.

Ron’s notes: “After Ruth, Heidi and I went to the Yucatan for spring break, first Merida, the monuments, then Cancun for sun n fun. At home, I started ‘hearing’ babes. Was working on it on the Rhodes in the Florida room with the windows open. We had guys on the roof fixing a leak. One of them shouted ‘that sounds good!’ He had good taste.“

Jon Gilutin: keyboards, production

Steve Rucker: drums, arrangement

Jeff Carswell: bass

Dave Fernandez: saxophone

Steve Watson: guitar

Murph Aucamp: percussion