Tribute to Ron Miller - Acknowledgements

The Regions would like to thank all the friends who contributed their time, talents and assistance to help us complete this project.

Ron Miller(Yoda) for his talent and inspiration all these years and the impetus for creating this project.

Gustavo Borner, Phil Levine and the team at Igloo Music for their masterful mastering!

Rich Brownstein for his great mix of American Hope from 1978 and his enduring support.

Craig Carothers for his design direction.

All of our lovely wives and partners for letting us have our playtime and for their encouragement to make this project happen.

And let’s not forget the Rona for bringing us all together separately to create a beautiful project out of a dark time.

Jeff Carswell would like to give a special thanks to Roscoe Guitars (Keith Roscoe) and Jim Dunlop Strings (Darryl & Justin)